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Shaw Results began as a personal desire to share (for the benefit of others) the often expensive and painful experiences and lessons of my quest to transform my: career, health and life. But that has evolved into a fully-fledged passion project, with an expanding global community; inspiring media; and the latest news, science and inspiration from across the globe.

Shaw Results Alana Nichols


Our mission is pure and simple; to help you to make positive and sustainable improvements to your: career, health and life, by providing you access to:

Interesting and inspiring thought leaders from across those broad categories via the Shaw Show Podcast Series

The latest news, science and inspiration from leading sources from across the globe via our Daily Digest

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Our IMMERSION  Video Series (launching September 2017)

The Shaw Show

A long form conversational podcast series, featuring guests from across business, sport, humanities, arts, education, healthcare, music and all manner of other interesting, courageous and creative people.


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