May 19, 2017

Stephen and Grant Thomas are a dynamic father and son team, who have an impeccable record of building and selling wonderfully successful businesses. These guys and their broader family, epitomise the power of a harmonious family with a unified vision, when it comes to business success.

What we discuss on today’s show

  • The reality of building a business from scratch.
  • Why entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone.
  • Patience and resilience as essential pillars for business success.
  • The value of working for a large and structured organisation, but also having the vision. and courage to leave that safety net behind to honour your entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Selling your business (trade sale and private equity).
  • Why leaving some value on the table when selling your business is a prudent business decision?
  • Barbara Brown, are active investors in growth companies with products/services and people they believe in. By ‘active’ they mean they don’t just put money in, they put themselves in; money, time and heart.

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