Adam Meredith & Emily Bojko | Optimal Health Through Body Composition Scanning

Feb 14, 2017

On today’s show, we talk to Adam Meredith & Emily Bojko, from Body Measure, a cutting-edge business, helping people radically improve their health and performance by providing the Gold Standard in body composition, bone density and metabolic testing.

What we discuss on today’s show

  • Why everyone (not just athletes) should be getting a Dexa Scan as part of their health protocol.
  • How the DEXA scan information can help you.
  • Why the DEXA scanner is the Gold Standard in body composition & bone density testing.
  • What is metabolic testing and why is it so helpful in fat-loss and performance improvement.
  • Why weight & BMI are such redundant and ineffective measurements.
  • The importance of sunshine, sleep and stress management in weight and health management.
  • The role hormones, specifically cortisol, play in weight and health management.

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