Andy Williamson | Co-Founder

Oct 20, 2016

On today’s show we talk with Andy Williamson, Co-Founder of, about disrupting the alcohol industry with a bespoke and proprietary technology solution.

What we discuss on today’s show

  • The catalyst for leaving a high-paying and exciting investment banking career to be an entrepreneur.
  • Creating a USP around a bespoke and proprietary technology solution and enhancing the entire customer experience (from inspiration and education to range and price).
  • The effective use and significant investment in digital marketing (Facebook, Instagram and Google ad-words in particular).
  • Why Instagram Stories should be interpreted by Snapchat as verification that they are doing things right.
  • Stealing market share and staying one step ahead of the large, predatory competitors.
  • When and why to raise capital.
  • Amazon as a competitor.
  • Lessons from Uber Eats, Uber Rush, Deliveroo et al.
  • Jumping in, identifying and countering issues and finding sustainable solutions.
  • How Macquarie Bank instills an owner’s mindset in its people.
  • Why if you are an employee and have the desire to do something entrepreneurial, there is no downside from having a dig.
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