Katherine & Peter McConnell | Fintech & eCommerce Entrepreneurs

Nov 4, 2016

On today’s show we talk with Katherine and Pete McConnell, a dynamic couple, who have individually and independently left powerful corporate roles to found separate tech start-ups.

What we discuss on today’s show

  • Loving life as the most important factor in making business decisions.
  • Why there is no reason you can’t do incredibly well in multiple careers in your lifetime.
  • Understand commtract.com, the uber for communication professionals.
  • Understand brighte.com.au, a home energy and home improvement financer.
  • Understanding technology is nothing more than an enabler of the automation of existing business practices.
  • Why the tech industry is collaborative when it comes to IP.
  • Boot strapping or raising capital to fund your start-up.
  • Why there may well be more security in being an entrepreneur than working for a corporate in this era.
  • The importance of NOT having a Plan B.
  • Why intimately understanding an industry through real life experience, is often paramount if you want to disrupt it?
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