Aug 17, 2017

When it comes to making significant life decisions (career change, starting or selling a business, getting married or separation, serious lifestyle changes, to mention a few obvious ones), there are a couple of typical approaches:

  1. Wing it, assuming we can figure it ourselves (rarely the best option or ideal outcome).
  2. Seek advice from a therapist, counsellor or coach (often lacks depth of understanding and value is ephemeral).

We have created an innovative alternative, utilising the structure we apply to all our podcast episodes, namely:

  1. Intense research and preparation.
  2. An empathetic and authentically interested conversation, which allows an individual to feel safe and to be honest, open and courageous in what they share.
  3. Production of an inspiring piece of collateral, which provides deep insight and understanding and endearing value over days, weeks, months and years.

While the session with James was private, the process proved to be incredibly valuable to him:

“It was great to air my thoughts and feelings to someone who understood and had clearly researched the key issue, but who also had the skill to take a holistic view, incorporating business; health; family and spirituality into considerations. And to have the conversation recorded and professionally edited, was really important and valuable to me“.  – James Mayo

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