Jul 28, 2016

On today’s show, we talk to Dave Nelson about the Go Green Movement. It’s an initiative to educate people about the importance of a plant-based, nutritionally focused approach to optimal health and peak performance.

Drawing on both the latest science and ancient wisdom, The Go Green Movement has set out to provide a proven and sustainable program, for everybody. Imagine never having to worry about your weight, your energy, how you look and feel or your overall health, ever again!

What we discuss on today’s show

  • What is the Go Green Movement?
  • Understanding the power and benefits of intermittent fasting
  • Why nutritional supplements are key and knowing the good from the bad
  • The link between gut health and virtually every aspect of health and disease
  • How to reduce your exposure to disease causing toxins and chemicals, by using organic, essential oils and essential oils based products for cleaning, beauty and medicine
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